Acne & Acne Scarring

IPL helps with active acne & acne scarring. Acne is a common chronic skin condition caused by inflammation of oil producing sebaceous glands. IPL acne therapy destroys the most common bacteria that causes acne. Acne scarring can affect both the colour and texture of the skin. Scars may appear as small dents in the skin’s sur­face or as raised scar tis­sue. In either case, scar­ring often cre­ates uneven pig­men­ta­tion in the form of red­ness or dark spots.

Because Intense Pulsed Light can tar­get pig­ment cells specif­i­cally, IPL treat­ments are effec­tive for evening out dis­col­oration, which dra­mat­i­cally reduces the vis­i­bil­ity of acne scars and gives the appear­ance of a more uni­form skin sur­face. IPL does not smooth out raised scars or decrease the depth of indented scars.